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About Nicotine Addiction

About Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine is a chemical compound found in leaves and roots of tobacco. The substance belongs to the group of neurotoxins. Taking small doses of the substance has a positive stimulating influence. Bigger doses cause a whole range of negative effects such as: photophobia, convulsions, and hallucinations. Taking extremely big doses might end in death.

What happens in our brain and mind while smoking?

Beginning of a Change – About the Intention

Beginning of a Change – About the Intention

What makes people decide about introducing a change into their life? How the decision about the change is shaped? What are the elements of this process? The answers to these and other questions which are important to people who initiate a change are covered within this article.

Nordic Walking - 26th September

Health, Nordic Walking and Nature!
Are you hungry for an adventure? Do you need to regain your energy after long working week? Do you want to spend time in a healthy way?
This is an amazing opportunity for you to combine all these things in one!
Only on 26th September 2015! We are going for a trip so join us! Everyone is very, very welcome! You can’t miss this opportunity :)
See you on 26th September at 11am. We’re meeting at ICOS on 14 Foyle Street, Sunderland.
See you soon!

Women and Cigarettes

Women and Cigarettes
Statistics about smoking among the fairer sex

We are all aware that smoking is harmful to us. But what sort of diseases can cigarettes cause? How many of them are fatal? Answers to these questions are covered within this article.

Profile of a female smoker

Healthy habits - Why some people easily get sick while others don’t?

Healthy habits
Why some people easily get sick while others don’t?

‘Why some people easily get sick while others don’t?’ – answering this question was probably attempted ever since it appeared. The breakthrough was finally achieved in 1965 by a group of academics from California who started the project Alameda County Study. Through dozens of years, the project enabled to gather information concerning healthy and harmful to our body behaviours.

Our next BME environmental group meeting

Join us on Saturday 10 October 2015 at 12pm to discuss green solutions!

How We Start a Healthy Lifestyle?

How We Start a Healthy Lifestyle?
About health behaviour changes

Over the centuries of psychology development, many models of behaviour changes have been created. Among them, one can also find models of health behaviour changes. Nevertheless, not all of the models apply to a particular behaviour change. This article presents the model which has the widest range of applications and can explain the highest amount of behaviours.

The Hate Incident Monitoring Service

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