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Green Picnic! Zielony Piknik!

Photography course!

Clean Up day!

Clean up!


Dzien Dziecka!

Fun in the Park!

Meet Your Neighbour Festival Sunderland

Tell us more about your show at Meet Your Neighbour Festival and why we should be there?

I'm very happy to perform in Sunderland. I still hold a great memory of my performance in Newcastle a few years ago - where I met Daniel Krzyszczak, one of the organisers of Meet Your Neighbour Festival. We kept in touch and I'm feeling honoured he invited me over with my band.
I have just released a new album that features Poland's top musicians and I want to share it with the audiences around the world. My music is often featured on radio shows worldwide.

One of the greatest polish radio and tv journalists Marek Niedźwiecki wrote this note about my work:"Beautiful, delicate, addictive, I can't get this music out of my head". I recorded with Basia Trzetrzelewska, Anna Jurksztowicz, Dorota Miśkiewicz, Krzysztof Napiórkowski, Michał Tokaj, Michał Barański and Łukasz Żyta - you might not know these polish stars but if you like the music of ‪Norah Jones, Eva Cassidy and Joni Mitchel‬ - you should enjoy our multi-cultural set. ‬

Meet Your Neighbour Festival

The Meet Your Neighbour Festival

This year, for the first time ever, Sunderland will be holding The Meet Your Neighbour Festival! Hosted by ICOS and friends. It will last from 22nd of May to 28th May, 2017.
This festival will celebrate the wide and varying cultures in the North East, which many have made their home. Throughout the week there will be a wide range of festivities, exhibitions, and live music.

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