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Santa Claus Day with ICOS!

We would like you to invite you for the Santa Claus Day which takes place on our AGM.

There will be:
* a childminder taking care of your children
* a delicious treat for everyone
* games
* gifts from the Santa Claus!!!
* taking photos with the Santa Claus

Everything is for FREE. All you have to do is to confirm your attendance with the number of the children and their age. Please let us know on:
or call 07783 433674

AGM Notice

We are pleased to announce that our 2014 Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday, 6th of December at 1pm, at the Raich Carter Sports Centre in Sunderland (Commercial Road Hendon, Sunderland, SR2 8PD).

Also, there will be an opportunity to find a job!

It’s Your Time to Get More Out of Life.

Collection of spare household items


Come to our St. Andrew's Day party!!! 29th November, 7 pm
The theme of the party - traditional polish wedding :)

19.00 - start
21.00 – 22.00 – during this time you can heat up the food
21.30 – St. Andrew's Day's special contests
22.30 – a ruffle
00:00 - traditional polish wedding contest

☆ Magic tricks performance!
☆ Vodka shots for £1,50!!!
☆ A ruffle
☆ Access to a well-stocked bar which will be opened to the end of the party - not only alcohol to buy but also coffee, tea and soft drinks

FOR ALL participants of the Sustainable Sunderland programme!

Nice chance to get a FREE VOUCHER and meet new people. If you have taken part in the Sustainable Sunderland programme, don't hesitate to come! Spaces l i m i t e d - book your place now!

Daniel Krzyszczak


Last Saturday 25th October ICOS spent time in Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens promoting the idea of taking responsibility for our one and only planet. It was a truly fantastic opportunity to share free ecological knowledge with all of you!

Kebab & Horoscope - the second part of Play Poland Festival


- Do you think your knowledge about the environment is good enough?
- Wanna know a bit more about sustainability and how to live in peace with our planet?
- Or maybe you are wondering what One Planet Living exactly means?

Just come and enjoy time with people who will challenge you to take care of the one and only planet we have. Have fun and... free drinks too

We are waiting for you!

Learn to speak Polish in Newcastle

If you are interested in learning to speak Polish, why not enrol on the Polish language course at The Language Centre where you will be taught by a qualified Polish language teacher. The Centre is based right in the middle of Newcastle and the course is due to start very soon.

Level 1

Play Poland Film Festival 2014 in Sunderland

15.10.2014, 19:00
North Shore
St Peters Campus, Charles Street, SR6 0AN City of Sunderland

In October the biggest film art feast begins- film festival Play Poland. This event is something very special for ambitious cinema fans. It will be held not only in Great Britain but also in Canada, USA and Norway.
Munk Studio- 'Thirty minutes' part II- five short Polish films: 'Chicken', 'The boys', 'The return', 'The 128th rat' and 'Beat frequency'.
There will by also 'French cinema posters' exhibition.
Free admission!

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