Fundraising to Help victims of domestic violence and slavery

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***Help victims of domestic violence and slavery***

Sometimes the only option for victims of domestic violence or modern slavery is running away from the abuse they suffer. Unfortunately, not all survivors have relatives or friends in the UK to support them.
Sometimes, when people run away from abuse, they only have the clothes they are wearing, and while help from their local council’s housing department is available in finding accommodation, survivors need a safe place to stay and also need help in maintaining a basic standard of living. Therefore, we kindly ask your generosity in helping survivors of domestic abuse and modern slavery start again and build a new life free of exploitation and violence.

*** What we will deliver ***

Your donations will be spent on the following:
• Clothes
• Toiletries
• Sanitary Products
• Food
• Travel
• Emergency accommodation

*** Why is this a good idea ***

As a local charity, ICOS (International Community Organisation of Sunderland) has provided assistance, advice and service to people in need free of charge for more than 10 years. We hope you can join us, as we raise funds to help those in the Sunderland community who are in need, by donating whatever you can to our Support Project.

*** What we do ***

• Help survivors to find temporary safe accommodation
• Assistance with basic needs
• Provide access to legal advice and advocacy
• Interpreting
• Offer advice on housing, employment, training
• Create a stable friendly environment from which to build a new life

*** More information about ICOS: www.icos.org.uk

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