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At ICOS, we regularly organise events.


April / May 2015 - Football.
Join us to play football for FREE at Raich Carter Center Sunderland.
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May 2015 - Trip to Edinburgh. (9th)
Visit all monuments of the city in a walking
tour, enjoy the Camera Obscura, the National Museum, the royal botanic gardens and more….

- Price: £35
- Meet at Sunderland train station at 5.30am
- Reaching back to Sunderland at 8.50pm the same day

Whats Included:
- Transport from Sunderland to Edinburgh and back to Sunderland.
- Walking tour of the Edinburgh city
- Visit to the Camera Obscura

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April 2015 - Take Better Photos. (18th - 19th) Learn how to take more memorable and inspiring photographs of your trips, your friends and family, or the great outdoors, with Nina Cisowska, a professional photographer with many years experience.

Two days of Free learning and inspiration that changed the way you look at photography and what you can do with your camera.

April 2015 - Green Adventure Walking. (11th) Visit of the Mowbray Park with ICOS and a member of the Friends of the Mowbray Park, to discover the History of the park, its monuments and statues, the Winter Gardens and its excellent botanical collection for free. Before learning the participants enjoyed a Nordic Walk all around the park.

Refreshments were available.

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March 2015 - Coaching Training. (28th-29th march). ICOS organize two coaching training to help you with your job and motivation, taught by lifestyle coach, educational and vocational guidance,
Graduate of International Studies Coaching.
March 2015 - Let's Talk about Climate Change. We organised a debate about climate change and its repercussions on the country and on the every day life with explanations on how change the habits.

February 2015 - Join us for a green afternoon. We provided you advice on how save money while protect the environment. The aims was to have fun while talking about environment with quizzes and rewards for the adults, and games and activities for children, with food and refreshments.


November 2014 - Play Poland Festival End with Kebab & Horoscope. The festival ended wit hthe new movie of the young director Grzegorz Jaroszuk. The story is about awkward people, the misfit employees of a carpet store who one day get confronted by two crooks with the graceful nicknames Kebab and Horoscope. One is an ex-kebab shop employee, the other a ex-fortune teller from a wildlife magazine. They enter the store and claim to be marketing specialists, and begin training the staff in order to save the store from bankruptcy. The staff themselves, consists of characters incredibly colorful in their blandness, and apart from doing useless tasks in the store, have to deal with their private lives.

October 2014 - Play Poland Festival.In October the biggest film art feast begins- film festival Play Poland. This event was something very special for ambitious cinema fans. It was held not only in Great Britain but also in Canada, USA and Norway. This year, there will be seven British host-cities: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberfeldy, London, Birmingham, Sunderland and Belfast.
Munk Studio- 'Thirty minutes' part II- five short Polish films: 'Chicken', 'The boys', 'The return', 'The 128th rat' and 'Beat frequency'.
There was also 'French cinema posters' exhibition.

September 2014 - Trip to Wetland Center. This was an ideal opportunity to spend a Saturday with your family in the bosom of nature - surrounded by rare species of fauna and flora, learning caring for the environment secrets and enjoying moments together.

August 2014 - ICOS International Dinner. Only 25 seats were available to go back to the 90s with people from different cultures who brought traditional meats and tried the ICOS beer. A karaoke and charades were organised.

August 2014 - Trip to Holy Island. The member of ICOS had the opportunity to visit Holy Island in Northumberland.


July 2014 - ICOS 5th Birthday in Kielder Water. To celebrate the 5th birthday of ICOS, we have organized a trip to Kielder Water & Forest Park in a friendly atmosphere with sightseeing, unforgettable views and a barbecue.

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June 2014 - Visit to St Peter's Church. The visit of one of the oldest sites in Sunderland was guided by a passionate historian to learn more about the local history.

May 2014 - Children's Day in Eco Climate. An open-air event during which we cleaned the neighborhood of Riverside Park down on the river corridor and celebrate Children's Day. Fresh air and attractions for kids combined with our environmental care.

April 2014 - Paintbal Quest. ICOS and NECS CIC organized a full-day event at Top Gun Paintball and Laser Battlefield in Beamish, with a barbecue and shooting arrows with prizes.

April 2014 - Looking East Festival.Following the success of our last year’s Play Poland 2013 Film Festival, it was a great pleasure from ICOS (International Community Organisation of Sunderland) to invite all the film amateurs and not only for a unique experience! 4 events focused on the screening of documentaries from Central and Eastern Europe, namely the Looking East festival which will be held in April and May this year in the Star and Shadow. It was about different perspective – achieved by means of visual art, film, music.

March 2014 - Golf Event - Learn how to be a pro. We gave you the perfect opportunity to practice with a professional tutorial from the PGA golf instructor Graeme Steven who watched and instructed us, on the Sunderland Golf Center.

March 2014 - Photography Contest. An event supported by Newbornstory Photography Studio. for all amateur photographer or a photography enthusiasts, to win a professional photography workshop session, as well as £25 vouchers.

March 2014 - Tree Planting. 400 trees were planted at Fulwell Quarry Nature Reserve.

March 2014 - Sunderland Laser Quest Game 2.

February 2014 - Sunderland Laser Quest Game. Free Laser Quest Game for 20 participants.

February 2014 - Visit of Newcastle Stadium, the St James’ Park.

February 2014 - Football Game Event. Two weeks in a row, we have organized football games for everyone at Goals Sunderland.

January 2014 - English Lessons. Beginning of the English lessons for adults and even the children.


(non-exhaustive list)

September/October/November 2013 - Snowboard Sessions. We organized snowboard sessions for beginners. A presentation to prevent cancer was presented.

October 2013 - Play Poland Festival. Third year for the Play Poland event, which was hold in other cities, including: Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Newcastle, as well as cities in other countries. Movies were presented with a poster exhibition.

September 2013 - Trip to Kielder Water Park and Forest. We organized a trip to Kielder Water Park and Forest with a guide and surprises.

August 2013 - Time Travel. Trip to Beamish, The Living Museum of the North
This short history lesson, took you back to Victory times in North England.

August 2013 - Eco Barbecue. To tidy up together the beach and all the same do something useful for our place and our planet, with barbecue and entertainment for both; children as well as adults (crossword, competitions, singing and all of it accompanied by sounds of a guitar).

July 2013 - Winter Sports in Summer. Snow tubing and Skiing with a coach at the Sunderland Snow Sport Centre.

June/July 2013 - Tennis Lessons. Free tennis lessons with a private coach to unlock the secret of tennis game at all levels.

April 2013 - Paintball with ICOS. Big Paintball battle followed by bonfire with sausages and other activities.


September 2012 - Trip to York. We organised one-day trip to York for 15 people. The aims were to reduce social isolation of the participants and enable them to learn more about British culture. It was a chance to feel spirit of medieval times in England and o extend participants’ knowledge about history. The interest in our event was bigger than expected.

August 2012 - Film show ‘I’m Nasrine’, we had an opportunity and pleasure of showing ‘I am Nasrine’ in our premises. Our aim was to collect a multicultural group of people, gather together and watch this exceptional movie. ‘I am Nasrine’ is a touching story presenting life of two migrants struggling with their destiny and trying to change their lives for the better. We thought that this particular topic is close to hearts of all migrant people. It was a chance to have conversation after the projection, present our feelings and impression.

July 2012 - The Community Learning Centre, in partnership with The Bakers Union, we opened a centre and offer a variety of courses including English, IT, Customer Service, Graphic design. We give a chance for our members to improve their skills. With the help of our Community Learning Centre people will learn interesting things and improve CVs. The opening ceremony took part in our premises on 28th July and the centre was open by the Mayor of Sunderland Mr Iain Kay. The event was attended by 50 people. Many of them took opportunity and signed for the courses.

May 2012 - PRL Party, ICOS organised the folk event; our leading theme was PRL times. We had about 50 participants attending; they could try traditional Polish delicacies and took part in competition for the best party speech. We had the raffles and managed to raise substantial funds for our organisation.

April 2012 - Agency Workers' Information Day, in partnership with the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) and Thompson Solicitors our participants could learn more about rights/entitlements, including recent changes to legislation for agency workers. People discussed their own cases and got answers how they can proceed. In general the Thompson Company deals with employment law cases and personal injuries. Our guests left us with information how to claim workers’ rights relying on the regulations.

April 2012 - Polish Easter for Families, in ICOS we organised activities:
Easter egg sharing, Easter greetings, competition for children, lottery for children and adults, watching cartoons, common Easter breakfast and tasting of festive dishes brought by the participants. The people had a chance to socialize, meet others and enjoy some quality time when kids were playing the games. We had about 40 participants.


• November 2011 - St Andrews Day, more than 70 people attended this social event

March 2011A workshop with HMRC, for members interested in opening their own company or those who were already doing so and wanted to expand their knowledge about UK tax system

March 2011 - A chance to learn English and learn about the Parliament (in cooperation with Parliamentary Outreach)

January 2011- ICOS collaborated with LINk Sunderland on an information event, during which ethnic minority people were given a chance to have a say on how their local NHS is run. Representatives from the Patient Advice and Liaison Service were able to advise people on individual cases and book appointments if required, ICOS volunteers providing an interpreting service for our users who could not speak English. The event proved to be a success and the target of 30 attendees was exceeded.


November 2010 - ICOS organised a social event for Andrzejki(St. Andrews Day), which proved to be successful as 70 people attended. This event provided quality social time, as well as an opportunity to facilitate community cohesion.

November 2010 - Cancer Awareness meeting, in which ICOS worked together with Newcastle United Football Club and the NHS. It consisted of a quiz about cancer and information hand-outs as well as a football tournament. The event was aimed at promoting awareness about cancer amongst minority ethnic people as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle and sport. Attended by 25 minority ethnic men.

November 2010 - meeting with Northumbria Police for people from minority backgrounds. The meeting was an opportunity to talk to the Police about hate crime, receive feedback and find out how to react when being targeted. It also constituted an opportunity to speak to police officers in confidence. Attended by about 15 people.

October 2010 - ICOS joined the Arch Partnership in Sunderland and became a referral point where people who had been targeted can report incidents to agencies such as Victim Support, Safe Partnership, Northumbria Police and Gentoo. ICOS` users can now report such problems in a place they know and through people they trust, as well as at times convenient to them.

July 2010 - social trip to Durham for the Durham Miner’s Gala. Apart from being a great day out for our members, it was also an opportunity for our participants to get to know the rich industrial past of the North East, thus facilitating greater social cohesion. About 15 people went for the trip.

July 2010 - ICOS organised consultation and information event with the Gentoo Sunderland along with Sunderland City Council, to inform minority ethnic people about issues related to housing. The meeting also served the purpose of consulting the people from local minority groups about changes to Gentoo`s policy for allocating houses. It was attended by about 30 people.

July 2010 - presentation and discussion on the role of Parliament and how to raise issues with MPs and the Lords. This was done in cooperation with Parliamentary Outreach. The attendees thoroughly enjoyed the event. Over 10 people attended the presentation. Another result of the event was that ICOS started working with local MPs to improve the quality of life of ethnic minority people in the North East. It was attended by about 10 people.

July 2010 - The International Friendship Festival, it was opportunity for ICOS to cooperate with Infinite Arts, offering our participants the opportunity to take part in kiting. About 15 people together with their families attended the event. The Friendship Festival enabled us to establish close links with Infinite Arts. More importantly, it was an opportunity for families to spend some quality time together and overcome the language barrier.

January 2010 - ICOS organised a meeting with Gentoo Sunderland to explain to minority people how to enrol on a local housing association. we enabled individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds to strengthen their employability. We provided interpreters for the meeting and provided help in filling in completing the applications; 42 participants attended the above event. We have since continued to work in partnership and enjoy a
good working relationship with Gentoo.


November 2009 - ICOS co-organising a fire safety awareness event in partnership with Newcastle South Community Fire Station and targeted at Eastern Europeans living in the North East. The speaker was Kevin Aiston – a fireman born in Britain but currently living and working in Poland. During the meeting, people from minorities gained knowledge about fire safety, as well as being given a chance to arrange a home visit to check the safety of their home and to receive free smoke alarms. About 40 people attended.

October 2009 - ICOS collaborated with Gateshead Council, The Polish Consulate in Manchester, the TUC, UNISON and NESMP in a public exhibition commemorating 20 years since the fall of Communism in Poland – an immensely important historical development, which precipitated the end of Communist rule in the whole of Eastern Europe. It proved to be a very effective way of reaching out to the wider community, increasing cultural awareness and broadening people`s knowledge about Eastern Europe. Hundreds of residents had a chance to see it, with about 50 attending the opening event.

• September 2009 - Paintballing Tournament (ICOS together with NEPCO) this was both a social and a sports event, giving our users a break from their busy working life. This was followed by further paintballing events, allowing our members to participate in this sport in an affordable way and promoting a healthy lifestyle amongst minority people. About 20 people took part in this event.

August 2009 - Community Event with workshops on anti-racism, alcoholism, information on the importance of using green transport means (cycling), living a healthy lifestyle and arts and crafts. ICOS joined forces with Sustrans, Unison and the TUC. The event improved our participant’s knowledge about many health and social issues. The anti-racism workshop helped people to be more confident about reporting instances of racism. About 25 people took part and broadened their knowledge.

August 2009 - Information Event, ICOS collaborated with Sustainable Enterprise Sunderland on giving disadvantaged people a chance to explore the benefits of setting up a company. The participants were given a chance to share their experience and see what help was available. As a result, several people started their own business and we have continued to support them further. The event was attended by 20 people.

July 2009 - Open Day which gave us an opportunity to introduce our group to the local community. The event served the purpose of increasing awareness of our project and introduced ICOS as a hub for local community members. The event helped our users to gain confidence through volunteering, as people who had attended it started taking part in our activities. This enabled them to become more active members of the community – some of them enrolled on study courses or found better employment. This launch event was attended by 30 people.

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