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The Meet Your Neighbour Festival

This year, for the first time ever, Sunderland will be holding The Meet Your Neighbour Festival! Hosted by ICOS and friends. It will last from 22nd of May to 28th May, 2017.
This festival will celebrate the wide and varying cultures in the North East, which many have made their home. Throughout the week there will be a wide range of festivities, exhibitions, and live music.

The event will start on the 22nd of May at 6pm with an Art Exhibition of talented artists displaying their masterpieces in Sunderland's renowned Independent/Holmeside cafe and it will run until Friday the 26th of May.
The Saturday 27th of May will be Family Fun Day Event, based in Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens, with lots to see, one to mention is a special flower carpet in the Pottery Room, and packed with many activities, culture information, films, performances, creativity workshops, along with speciality food for all to try!
Day will be followed by an evening Music Event at the Independent, where doors will open at 6pm to a night of folk, jazz and rock music, ending with Blue Wings Records-DJ Performance.
Come and join us in this spectacular festival in the celebration of different cultures - it will be unforgettable!

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