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Meet us

International Community Organisation of Sunderland



(when we want to be)

We want to see our organisation to be a well known and respected
organisation in the North East and Sunderland. We would like our
clients, partner organisations and the general public to benefit from
our work and value us. We see ourselves as an engine behind the drive to
positively influence the lives of the minority community in the region.

Mission statement

(what will we do)

To serve the minority and ethnic community in the North East enabling
them to lead full, meaningful lives and feel secure and welcomed in the
North East of England.
To ensure greater level of social cohesion and cooperation between
different communities in the North East of England.


(how we will do it):

• To provide services which benefit international communities in
Sunderland and the North East
• To provide facilities for education, culture, religion, leisure &
recreation, sport, occupation, health promotion and social welfare
• To work in partnership with local statutory authorities and voluntary
organisations in providing a range of services for the local community
• To be responsive to the desires and needs of local ethnic or minority
communities and seek to provide such services as may be required
• To promote and encourage integration in Sunderland


(what actions we will take):

- To give our clients a chance to enrol on free or discounted courses.
- To establish a service for advocacy, guidance and advice
- To help people utilizing their skills by organising events where they
can network with future employees
- To organise information and consultation events for the local migrant
and ethnic community
- To cooperate with other organisations in order to achieve our aims if
we cannot do it on our own

About ICOS

International Community Organisation of Sunderland is a successor of
Sunderland Polish Community Association (2007). ICOS came to being in
June 2009, as an unincorporated association, governed by constitution.
Since that time, we have grown to over 200 members. We have 7 management
committee members and over 20 volunteers.
We were registered as a charity in April 2011. Our constitution permits
us to work all over the North East. We are currently based in Sunderland
and most work tend to be based in Sunderland, however our members all
form all over the Tyne and Wear and County Durham, including Newcastle,
Gateshead, Sunderland and Durham.

We exist to benefit the local community, minority ethnic people in

We organise consultation and information events, provide free and
affordable training and education (formal and informal). We have a Drop
- in Advice and Guidance Centre, used by people seeking help with
official correspondence, access to welfare, employability and rights at
ICOS has also organised and co organised numerous art and cultural
projects, such as Meet your Neighbour or the Made in Poland Festival. We
also organise social events where people from different communities can
come together and get to know each other.

Please ask to see our portfolio and we will happily provide you with

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