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Case studies

Case study 1


Darek has been in Britain 4 years during which time he has mostly been alone away from family and friends including his partner and daughter Veronika aged 5.
A member of ICOS from beginnings in 2007, Darek has been able to access a range of services. He had help with his job search as well as receiving help with translations of documents and correspondence from the Council and Tax Office. Darek was also able to have Internet access at ICOS, enabling him to keep in contact with family and friends in Poland. He has always attended to various events and meetings arranged by ICOS such as those involving employment and the Trade Unions. He has also attended social events regularly. ICOS has helped Darek many issues and problems. He has gained knowledge about services available to him in this country and has made many new friends so he doesn’t feel so lonely. Recently his partner –come to Britain to join him, although she hardly spoke any English at all, she knew there was support in the UK for her and their daughter when needed to find a school for Veronika too.
Daniel went with and Veronika to two schools when Darek needed to be at work. Veronika is going to attend school in September of this year. With the help of good references from ICOS for his voluntary work which involved maintaining or repairing and other related tasks, he was able to get into employment.

Case study 2


Tad first came to ICOS in March 2010 as he needed help to find accommodation. Gentoo came to ICOS and Tad was able to fill in the application forms with the help of Daniel, who helped as interpreter. He also attended an employment event with Gentoo soon after that.
Tad came to the guidance centre again for help on translating his job application form for taxi driving. He had help to fill in this form and later, with his CV for other employment opportunities. He recently came to the centre again for help with a letter to the DVLA asking for points (which should have already expired) to be removed from his license as he wanted to take up a new job which required that he have no more than 6 points an his license.
Tad has found out about online courses at Learn Direct in Sunderland though ICOS and is currently studying to gain his level 1 literacy qualification.

Case study 3


Lukasz first found at about ICOS from his landlady, who told him about the English lessons. As a qualified teacher, Lukasz was keen to find out if he could help at teaching English to Polish people and other nationalities.
He found this was a great opportunity to meet other Poles, as previously he had no contact with people of his own nationality at all, only speaking with his parents on the Internet.
Lukasz has worked at secondary school in Washington and also in a Primary school. With teaching experience in ICOS, teaching adults, he has experience of teaching students of different ages. He has relished the chance to socialise and meet people and really enjoys coming to ICOS.

Case study 4


My involvement with the International Community Organisation of Sunderland has helped me to increase my self confidence. Thanks to this voluntary organisation I have discovered routes which have improved my job prospects. Thanks to the commitment of the wonderful people who work at ICOS ant their example, I have started to volunteer myself. Since joining ICOS I have made new friends and taking part in ICOS`s project improved my English language skills – I now know many English expressions I did not know before. I can now do many things on my own. I feel much more confident using English.

Case study 5

Janusz Narecki
58 Mendip Drive
NE38 0PW

I would like to kindly thank the International Community Organisation of Sunderland for the help and support they gave my wife and me with very important personal affairs in the UK.
Thanks to the competence and resourcefulness of Daniel Krzyszczak and Michal Chantkowski, I was allocated a flat by Gentoo after a very short waiting time.
They have also helped me deal effectively with EDF Energy when I had trouble paying back a sum I owed.
It should be stressed that whenever I addressed any issue to the organisation I received a swift answer, which allowed me to solve my problems.
Very often my wife and me had the pleasure of participating in various events, trainings and sightseeing trips organised by ICOS.
The organisation shows great initiative when it comes to helping people newly arrived to the UK.

Janusz Narecki

Case study 6

Aleksandra Serafin

Case study 7

Group member, BME Environmental Group

Case study 8


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